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Sweetlings are a sub-species of Pokemon anything made by Dragnseeker

Sweetling Info (Updated 8/6/2016):

A rare sub-species of pokemonany species that are linked to sweets/desserts. Can be identified by the candy shaped mark on them somewhere. They take on some qualities of the first candy/sweet/dessert that they ever eat, and the effect depends on how much they eat (too much is dangerous). They are no different from others of the same species aside from this. It can be separated into five stages. One serving is equal to, well one serving like a slice of cake, one package of candy, one cupcake, ect.

Stage One: (up to 1 serving) They become colored like what they ate
Stage Two: (1 to 3) Their extremities such as ears, tails, wings and possibly hands and feet become made of the dessert
Stage Three: (4 to 6) They become completely made of dessert, inside and out, they will regenerate anything eaten from here on
Stage Four: (7 to 12) They become chubbier and slightly resemble how the dessert looks
Stage Five: (13 to 19) The swetlings will really change to be shaped like the dessert, while still retaining some of their original characteristics
After 20 in a short time, their body immobilizes them as a last resort, to keep them from dying. If the sweetling somehow manages to eat another serving after this, they will become inanimate and no different than the dessert they ate.

A sweetling can temporarily increase what stage it is, after they originally change by eating more of the sweet that they originally ate, but the will go back to their original stage. The exception is stage 3, they will stay at because it's hard to change everything back from made of dessert, (A stage 3 sweetling can eat more to go up to 4 and 5, but they will go back down to stage 3 though)

The sweetling gene can be passed hereditarily (parent to child), and can also be passed through eating a part of a sweetling (small chance per bite). In this way it is more of a "disease" than a species.
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hay i have a tipe of pokemon thats rarer than shinies called ultra shinys cool!
Dragnseeker Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Student General Artist
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No sorry, I was tired and thought you were being sarcastic about sweetlings
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